Residential Concrete Coatings

Our team can finish your concrete inside or outside your home. We apply residential concrete coatings year-round that look great and work like a charm to protect your concrete from further wear and tear.

A concrete pathway leads to a black front door of a modern house with neatly landscaped grass, plants, and shrubs on a sunny day.
An empty garage interior with a speckled epoxy-coated floor, white walls, a window, door, ceiling-mounted garage door opener, and partial daylight.

Protect Your Home's Surfaces

Our installers are professionals with almost 20 years of experience in protecting surfaces inside, outside, and all around the home. They can complete an installation in your space quickly and efficiently so you can get back to enjoying your home!

Our Invicta Concrete Coatings are superior to traditional concrete or epoxy, offering a range of benefits you can’t get with any other kind of floor finish. We are your solution to traditional epoxy floor coatings. 

Update Your Flooring

Our coating fully covers the entire surface and provides an even finish and a polished look that you don’t get with standard concrete. We provide a quick and cost-effective way to update your space and maximize the square footage in your home.

Not only does our coating help to convert previously unused rooms into livable space, but it also helps to preserve your concrete flooring from cracks and damage.  

Our Residential Concrete Coatings are an excellent option for all of the following spaces:



Pool Deck





Laundry rooms

A red vintage convertible car parked on a polished concrete floor inside a building with large windows and a garage-style door partially visible.

Best Coatings for Garage Floors

One of the most popular areas to coat, create the ultimate man cave with a smooth and shiny garage floor coating. Polyurea makes the best coatings for garage floors because it is water and chemical proof, can be kept clean easily, will not warp in the heat or cold, and can easily compliment the design of the rest of your home.

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The image shows a set of terrazzo stairs with speckled patterns, leading up to a landing with metal railings, within an interior space.

Basement Floor Coating

Basement floors don’t typically catch the eye for their beauty. As an area of the home often used for storage that can also be prone to moisture and water leaks, it’s not the ideal spot for carpeting or wood planks.

At Invicta Concrete Coatings, we have just the solution-a basement floor coating that will stand up to water, chemicals, and abrasions without losing its luster. 

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A gray concrete pathway bordered by pebbles leads to a garden with flowers and a white picket fence next to a brick house.

Patio &
Outdoor Flooring

After the final snow has melted and warmer days return, you’ll be tempted to spend time outside on the patio. But those lazy summer days relaxing or cooking out can be hindered by a patio that is damaged and cracking. Fortunately, there’s a fix for this that’s both easy and surprisingly affordable! Get a professionally installed porch or patio floor coating that will not warp or fade in the sun or heat.

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This image depicts a serene backyard with an inground pool, surrounding concrete deck, green foliage, and a house with a raised deck where a person is sitting.

Pool Deck

Having a pool in your yard is a wonderful bonus for those who enjoy swimming, and they make for a convenient way to cool off in the summer. However, pools can also require plenty of maintenance. Save yourself some time, money, and effort with a durable pool deck coating for the exposed surrounding concrete surfaces.

Our team will install a concrete coating that keeps the concrete deck around your pool from crumbling or cracking due to exposure to water and chemicals.

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